Timeshare ownership is not unique to The Windrifter Resort, but owning a Windrifter vacation is unique.

The Windrifter Resort is unique in two major ways. First, you are not limited to only visiting us for one week a year; the Windrifter’s facilities, like our indoor pool, fitness center, and private lakefront are open to all of our members all year round. Need a break from the Winter snow? Relax in the warmth of our indoor pool.

The Windrifter Resort is also unique in that you become a member in the Windrifter Resort Association. The Association is similar to a homeowner’s association in that we are a not-for-profit organization that runs and manages the Resort. Unlike many of today’s large corporate timeshares, we are approximately fifteen hundred individuals and families just like you. We share a vested interest in ensuring that the Windrifter’s efficiency, quality, and longevity.

To learn more about timeshare opportunities at the Windrifter Resort, stop into our on-site sales office or call John Cameron at 603-520-4976 or email sales@windrifterresort.com.