Windrifter Timeshares

Benefits of Ownership


Benefits of Ownership

Ownership of a Timeshare Vacation

A Windrifter timeshare vacation ownership offers five significant benefits: Security, Flexibility, Economy, Community & Legacy.

SECURITY–When you purchase a Windrifter vacation, you can be secure in the knowledge that your vacation “home” will be there for you each year, ready when you arrive. Any headaches and worries of continual maintenance and repairs are handled by the staff of the resort. You get to experience the ownership perks of a second home, without the expense and hassle of year-round care.

FLEXIBILITY–Owning a Windrifter vacation affords a member many options. A vast number of our members vacation here year after year. They look forward to renewing long standing friendships and making new friends, too. Other members exchange their Windrifter vacation time to travel and stay at one of over 7,500 timeshare resorts worldwide through the RCI & Interval International systems. Others, still, vacation with us each year, but on a different week* or choose to split their vacation week into a series of shorter stays*. Some opt out of using their vacation time, altogether, and rent out their unit. It is your vacation, so you decide how, when, and where you wish to enjoy it. (*restrictions apply)

ECONOMY—The resort is a member owned, member governed, not-for-profit organization. Every penny brought in by maintenance fees goes directly back into the property to provide upkeep, services and amenities that are unique and relevant to our members. The members of the governing Board of Directors are Windrifter members elected in by Windrifter members. The Board is tasked to keep a watchful eye on policies, procedures and finances in place for the property. The Board and staff work diligently to remain true to our founders’ original promise of an affordable vacation.

The biggest factor helping our members have an affordable vacation is each of our units is designed to be beneficial for a longer term stay. Not only is there the living areas in each unit to accommodate up to a minimum of 4 guests per unit, but there is a kitchen in every unit, as well. The cost of eating out on vacation can be expensive. By choosing to eat in, you have the opportunity to save some of that cost to participate in other activities that may not have been possible by eating out all the time.

COMMUNITY–Without the people that come here year after year, The Windrifter Resort is just a collection of buildings. It is the people that make it a community. Many of our members boast of long friendships forged over the years of their Windrifter vacations. And they are excited to make new friendships when new members join the family.

Your Windrifter vacation is an investment that pays dividends each year in the form of lasting memories, friendships, and traditions. Whether it is second generation members returning with their children or seniors that didn’t discover the Windrifter until after retirement, the friendships and bonds are strong and lasting.

LEGACY—Being a member of the Windrifter is not simply a legacy of fond memories; it is a legacy of financial value, as well. We also understand, however, that over time, our members’ lives change and sometimes those changes may not be able to include the Windrifter. Should that happen, you have the option to pass on the tradition of membership by selling it or signing it over to a family member or friend.

Timeshare Vacation

Some say that buying into a timeshare locks you in to a set vacation, in a set place, at a set time every year. While that is one option for utilizing your vacation days, the reality is, timeshare ownership can unlock a world you may have otherwise never known existed.

You have choices how to spend your vacation time–all in one fell swoop or in smaller breaks. It can be here at the resort or off on an adventure in the wild blue yonder.

As a member of The Windrifter, when you choose to use your time here, there are multiple options available to you. You can stay the entire week of your purchase, you can ”save” your days and use them at another time (or times) over the course of the ensuing year (restrictions apply), you can choose to have friends or family use your time or you can choose to put your days into he rental program. (You may even make a little $.)

If you choose to travel the wild blue yonder, OH BOY, are there choices! We are affiliated with RCI AND Interval International (II). By joining either (or both) of these organizations, you would have access to a network of properties that offer over 7,500 resorts world-wide… about travel options!

RCI & II have programs, as well, that offer its members the opportunity to obtain Vacation Certificates or special getaways. Give one to a friend or family member, travel together and open their world to the benefits of timeshare vacation ownership!


Purchase a Timeshare

View our list of available Timeshares. The list changes regularly, so check back often!

When purchasing a time share, Year 1 will be the purchase price + annual fee, but Year 2 and beyond is the annual fee only. Further fees may be possible upon check-in, call for details.

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